This baby was already a week old when both his mom and dad called us to schedule a newborn photography session with us. Because we have the most awesome clients, we were able to move one of our 6-months sessions to bring this baby boy in.  Taking newborns with their siblings is tricky and we always let the parents know that it could be a hit or miss situation especially if the siblings are below the age of 5. Their mood could change for the best or worse within seconds…with that said, we have been 100% successful so far with siblings. Yay!!

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Our process is simple. Our results remarkable.


Sri & Jana

Westchester Newborn PhotographyWestchester Newborn Photography


These guys found us through their friends who had come to us for their maternity and newborn session.

Treated like their most important customer as soon as we walked in the door – even as first timers. Pictures turned out better than we could ever have imagined. Our baby was comfortable the whole time thanks to the meditative atmosphere that was provided. Anyone considering having shots done should rush to book an appointment. Can not endorse enough.

Newborn Photography Evanston

Evanston Newborn Photography

Sri and Jana Photography

Beautiful Newborn Photos EvanstonNewborn Photography Evanston


Sri & Jana

Our process – simple; results – remarkable:)


How often do you come across people having identical items? Quite often, if they are mass produced, like phones or shoes. But if they are custom-created items like tattoos or jewelry, it is very rare to see two people have the exact same thing(s). The only exception I can think of – family members or very close friends having the same item. I have seen couples wearing the same custom-made jewelry or father and son having the same tattoo.

So, when I noticed identical, unique-looking, rings that this couple was wearing during their pregnancy photo session, I didn’t make much of the rings. About the same time, Jana noticed the rings too and asked “So you guys know each other for a long time? Know each other from school or college?”. They replied “Yes…a long time. How did you guess?”. “ Looking at your ‘friendship’ rings”. David, the dad-to-be, goes on to explain that those were not friendship rings and that they did not co-design it. Now, I am intrigued and ask them to elaborate. First, a little description of the ring itself – it looks like it is made of 5 separate sterling silver bands that are held together by a vertical clasp. Non-shiny and very classy.

David has two older and 2 younger siblings. He had told me earlier that he keeps in touch with each one of them almost on a daily basis. “Even if it is just a couple minutes over the phone ..we touch-base almost every day”. Several years ago, his dad apparently gave each one of the kids this ring as a symbol of  ‘togetherness.’ The five bands are the 5 kids and their bond is held together by the clasp – the dad. Sweet! So that is the background on David’s ring. Susana stunned us with her explanation. When she was a teenager, her dad gave her this ring and said “This ring will help you find your life partner”. How on earth did they come up with the exact same design????? We have no clue!

By the way, she happens to be the Chicago City Clerk. I will tell you this about her – her energy is unmatched and both Jana and I love that!

The Office of the City Clerk: With a staff of approximately 100 people, the Chicago City Clerk is the second highest-ranking official in the City of Chicago. The City Clerk’s office maintains the official records of city government, including all City Council legislation. The office also distributes 1.3 million vehicle stickers, issues business and automatic amusement device licenses, and manages the city’s dog registration program. Because of its city services, the City Clerk’s office is the most visited in City Hall.

Chicago City Clerk Pregnant

They just had their baby on the 4th of this month and we took some really cute shots of this little munchkin:)

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Newborn baby

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Newborn baby

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Family Photo

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Mother Family Photo

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Mother Family Photo 3 generations


Sri & Jana

From a photographer’s perspective, maternity and newborn photo session experiences are very different. But, which one do we enjoy more? We enjoy both equally. But which one is more challenging? That’s a great question. Maternity sessions are more controlled and well planned in advance. Newborn sessions – the exact opposite; while we do plan and come up with creative ideas a day or two before the session, they control their entire session. We just go with the flow :-).

It is easier for us to discuss maternity session details prior to the session. Jana calls the mom-to-be prior to their sessions to chalk out a plan. We get a variety of maternity clients – from moms-to-be who do not even want to expose their belly to moms-to-be who want to celebrate their pregnancy with artistic nude shots. As long as it is not cheesy, we are more than happy to get creative any which way. That is why it is more important for Jana to have that call with moms-to-be, who are very excited about their photo session. Planning and setting expectations is everything!

This beautiful couple came to us to capture their pregnancy pictures. Mom-to-be was very clear; no artistic nudes – just fun, stylish shots that would portray who she is. Jana came up with the idea of combining an outdoor and indoor session. We love the Fall season and incorporated beautiful rustic walls outside the studio. End result? Very dreamy, romantic, colorful pictures that portrayed their relationship! Dad-to-be is an American hockey player playing for the Winnipeg Jets.

Our process simple. Results remarkable.


Sri & Jana

Check out some pictures from their fun session:

Maternity Photos Canadian Hockey Player

Maternity Photos Glenview

Pregnancy Photos Glenview

Pregnancy Photos Glenview