Beautiful Twins Newborn Photography Chicago

Newborn photography is art and science…challenging and fun at the same time. Taking cute photos of newborns is not a big deal…they are already cute:)…but making those baby photos unique pieces of timeless art is not an easy task.

See below the difference between a cute picture and an artistic one:)

Newborn-Photography-Sri and Jana


Our clients give us a huge responsibility every time they walk into our studio with their newborns. We want every picture of ours to be pleasing, calm, fun, and unique. You have to personally experience a session to understand all that goes into getting A pose – there’s only one option – the perfect pose:)

Look at the picture above for example. The hands are so relaxed on BOTH babies, feet beautifully shown and their faces as calm as they can be. When you look at these photos at any time, our goal is to make you feel calm, happy and relaxed just as they are. What you see is a result of a TON of experience and a LOT of patience.


Now double that work for double the fun – twin babies photography! This couple came to us with their two beautiful babies…Jana and I had so much fun putting them in all kinds of fun poses…end result ..gorgeous photos that the parents can not only show off  to their friends and family but also cherish for ever.



Are you having twins? Don’t think twice (pun intended:)– call Sri at 312.493.5497 to capture your tiny munchkins that remain so small for only a very short period of time.

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