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Asian Baby 100th Day Celebration Photoshoot

A family and new baby’s journey is very important to everyone. In Asian culture the “100th day” is a huge milestone. Our last photo shoot of the day was with baby Nathan to celebrate his 100th day! He was all smiles and giggles, as he loved getting his picture taken.

Chinese culture celebrates Baby’s first 100 days. Why?

According to the Asia Insider, “In Asia, the 100 days celebration traditionally marked the point at which a newborn was considered “out of the woods”. If a baby had survived to this milestone in an era when infant mortality rates were high, it was considered likely he or she would make it to at least the teenage years.”

The Chinese celebrate Baby’s first 100 days since they beleive that the baby will live 100 years.  In olden days, especially in Asian cultures, the baby and the mom during the baby’s first 100 days were not allowed to go outside the home or see other members of the family/friends. It was very important since the baby’s immunity to disease would be low during that time.

100th Day Chinese Baby Photo Session Plan

There for support and help for the 100th day baby photos was his amazing grandmother and parents. There to help me was my amazing assistant photographer, Cecily. She made the session go super-smooth and helped get those cute expressions. We were able to get a classic denim look of father and son and the bond of mother and son moments on camera. Baby Nathan also had a fun dinosaur costume he appeared to love all snuggled up on our chaise lounge. This year is the year of the sheep, but his mom couldn’t find such a costume and loves dinosaurs so it was suitable for the photo session. Cecily wanted to  show his cute baby rolls and features and decided to get a few detail shots using her macro lens. The experience was one to embrace ethnicity and our cultural traditions with an emphasis on the importance of family and celebrating life. It was the perfect way to end our day of shoots with a lovely family and very happy baby boy.

Chicago 100th Day Chinese Baby Photographer

Are you looking for a photographer to take your 100th day baby photos? Look at the adorable photos below. Make sure you book your session well in advance so we can plan the photo session and accommodate you. We have various backgrounds and beautiful light in our 2500 sq. ft photo studio. Call us at 312.493.5497 to book a session.


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