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Most of our clients come through referrals – especially (good…Great:)word of mouth. Our marketing strategy is very simple – focus on creating a great experience for our clients i.e. easy process + beautiful images – and they will refer their friends and family to us. If you have been following our blog, we had mentioned about this lovely couple that came in for their maternity photo session at 5 in the morning…yes 5 AM for a shot by the lake at sunrise! Ever since we took this shot of her, she has been getting so many compliments/enquiries from many of her friends.


So, one of her very good friends contacted us for her maternity photos after seeing the pregnancy photo that her friend had taken.

Jana and I love to deliver whatever our clients request, but also enjoy creating something different for everyone… especially when clients from the same family or friends circle come to us. We want to make sure that when they go to each other’s homes, they don’t see the exact same shot on their walls. We make sure we add a little something to the shot that gives a different look and feel to it.

So here’s the modified shot we did for this amazing couple:


We must say, she was such a sport…tolerated the wind and the cold with a smile! Unlike the shot of her friend’s, which was taken on a hot summer morning, her shot was taken on a freezing fall morning – it was about 20 degrees and windy by the lake!

Check out some more photos from her session:


We needed the sun to come out for the shot below and there was this huge black cloud covering it. When we were just about to give up, it showed up:)



We always tell our clients when we plan our sessions with them, ‘just bring your best mood and have fun’ and this couple did! They have some great stories to share from their maternity photo session and because they were such a happy couple, it made our work easy too. We all had a wonderful, fun time even though the weather was freezing outside!

If you want to have fun during your maternity photography sessions and take some amazing memories back with you, call Sri at 312.493.5497 to schedule your session!


Sri & Jana

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