When you search online and find so many newborn photographers in Chicago, you are overwhelmed. Right? Its quite natural to be confused about which newborn photographer to go to to choose the best newborn photographer for YOU. The following list aims to help you make a rational informed decision.

  • We googled "Chicago Newborn photographer" and got the screen shot shown on the right.
  • Take a quick look at their website (gallery of images). Eliminate the ones that are NOT your style right off the bat. Select your top 5.
  • Once you have your top 5, check out their galleries again in detail and look for the following:
  • Consistency: Consistency is key. Consistency is like a car’s engine; needs to be reliable every time... all the time. Look for consistent colors – Is it too yellow, too red, too blue or is it pleasing to your eyes?
  • Variety: Look for cute props. Look for beautiful poses – Are they creative? Are they organic?
  • Peace: Does the baby look relaxed and peaceful? MOST IMPORTANT – Are the babies’ fingers relaxed (not clenched due to stress)? When you look at your baby’s photo, you want to look at it and feel peaceful and happy and not feel stressed. Look at the pictures to your right or any of them in our gallery, how peaceful does the baby look sleeping? Aren't his fingers relaxed in EACH and EVERY pose?
  • Crispness: Are the photos in focus and crisp?Just these four things may make you call us at 312.493.5497 :) but let us keep going…
  • Is the photographer/studio space accessible to you ? Do you want the photographer to come to your home or do you want to go to an external setting and get your photos taken? We are very accessible (90-94, 55, 290) and routinely get parents traveling from Gurnee, Skokie, Evanston, Indiana, Vernon Hills, Highland Park, Tinley Park, Hinsdale to name a few.
  • The next question is availability. While we try to accommodate last-minute newborn (and maternity) requests, our calendar gets filled up 2 – 3 months in advance. Please give us a call at 312.493.5497 to check availability.
  • Reviews – What are people saying about their experience? See what our clients are saying here
  • Your baby is newborn ONCE; freeze that moment and cherish it forever WISELY :)

Hope this helps.


Sri & Jana